The Future

We draw our inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, who was an artist, scientist, inventor, and engineer.

We identify opportunities to reinvent business processes by reconceiving them on a mobile platform and let the consumers be the judge of quality and usability, not the IT department. Our apps solve critical issues and are distributed via the Apple AppStore and Google Play. is a subsidiary of Intelligent Decisions. We are a startup taking part in the mobile revolution.

The Team

Greg Eoyang

CoFounder, President, Visionary

Carnegie Mellon University

Creator of the revolutionary company and visionary of breakthrough products

Rob Wyland

CoFounder, Lead Engineer, Barista

Virginia Tech

Enjoys technology, auto, biking, and the art of good coffee and beer

Palmer Cox

Chief Performance Engineer

University of Maryland

Enjoys good music and playing board games with friends


We serve our end users by understanding their core business needs and using a combination of Engineering and Art to help them get it done.

We are dedicated to the goal of improving the lives of our users regardless of the platform, technology, or protocol. was founded in November of 2013 by Intelligent Decisions CEO, Harry Martin, Seasoned IT Industry Visionary, Greg Eoyang and Mobile Developer Extraordinaire, Rob Wyland.


By using the Appstore model, we can create rich, robust apps with uncompromising user experiences. Our team combines creativity, technical brilliance, flexible management and enormous belief in changing the world around us - to disrupt tradition, build value, and have a little fun doing it.


The App at your Front Desk - April 2013

Inside replaces the legacy paper visitor log with a fantastic app on your iPad. Downloaded and trusted around the globe, thousands of companies, schools, organizations, and communities rely on Inside for their guests. Start a trial to pilot Inside at your front desk today!


Your Family's Health Simplified - September 2014

We believe you and your family's health is the most important factor in your life, it's time to take control! Well collects vitals, medications, conditions, allergies, reports, labs, contacts, claims, and even personal health monitoring devices, all into a simple but yet completly secure experience.


Piloting in the DC Area - Coming Soon

Well - a family of health solutions Apps focused on connecting patients to their records, engaging each patient, empowering family caregivers and closing the circle with the professional caregiver team. WellTransitions (Transitional Care), WellLTC (Long Term Care) and WellConnected (Chronic Care) is a platform to:

  • Connect a patient to their care plan, Engage Patients with Reminders (medications, activities, appointments, vitals)
  • Share patient’s care plan compliance with Caregivers (both professional and family)
  • Alert Caregivers (based on configurable rules)
  • Measure Vitals both manually and with integrated Bluetooth devices (scale, blood pressure, activity monitor, etc.)
  • Provide professional Caregivers with monitoring capabilities and dashboard
  • Leverage technology to automate and extend Caregivers reach and effectiveness

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
-Leonardo da Vinci

Our Work

Inside has found uses in businesses as diverse as schools and daycares, doctor’s offices, federal contractors, exercise instructors, and many more. Organizations provide a better experience for their guests and increase privacy as well as visitor management capabilities.

Well helps you gather your family's medical records from your doctors, hospitals, insurance, and facilities. It consilidates records on your mobile device in an engaging experience that a patient or provider can understand. Having your entire health picture allows you to understand what has happened and provide context on what to do next.